Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unihan & Mojikyo Both Down

I like looking up Chinese character variants but both Mojikyo and Unicode's Unihan Database lookup features are down.

This is what Mojikyo says:

We are now reconstructing our "" pages.
The work will be completed in a few year.
Therefore, the download service is discontinued at a while*1.
Please use the actual expenses distribution service of CD-R*2that we are doing.

*1 We expect that it might extend for a considerable long term.
If you cannot wait, it might be good for you to visit the following sites, but those information is not the latest.
Information Technology standards Commission of Japan's IPSJ-TS 0002:2004 "Character Shapes Identification".
*2 However, this service is done only to those who demand in Japan at present.

"The work will be completed in a few year"?

What does that mean?

Will it be completed within a year? Or in a few years?

It's been down for quite a while already.

It says if you can't wait then visit the itscj site but the information isn't the latest.

This really pisses Kobo. I feel like that stand-up comic Lewis Black who's always ranting about something or other in his act. :)

The Unicode Unihan database's look-up feature is down for maintenance and his been down at least 2 days.

I hope they get everything up and running soon.

Update: The Unihan look-up feature is back on line.

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