Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello all! Welcome to my blog, Kobo-Daishi's Adventures in Chinese-Land.

You might remember my previous blog, Kobo's Grotto or something like that, hosted at Yahoo's Geocities.

It was a free site, a part of Yahoo's Geocities. Then they phased out Geocities so the site was removed. I guess they weren't making any money from the sites.

It didn't have much in the way of content.

There was a hack for using the NJStar Chinese Word Processor (the annotation feature) and a copy of an old Chaozhou (Teochew) dialect dictionary from Google's book program that had gone out of copyright and was therefore in the public domain.

When they announced that Geocities was being phased out, the Internet Archive offered to archive the sites of those who wished their sites to be saved.

I hadn't even save a copy for myself.

The site was my first attempt at a blog so I didn't even publicize the site.

I didn't have it added to the Geocities directory, didn't submit it for inclusion in the major search engines by clicking their opt-in button, didn't add my site to my signature at the various forums I frequent, etc.

No web optimization for Kobo.

Anyway, this blog will mainly be stuff that interests me with an emphasis on Chinese language and culture.

There will also occasionally be stuff that interest me that might not necessarily have to do with Chinese.

Something that I've read at a forum or a reaction to something from the media, etc.

I'll try to keep it current.

Chinese is more of a hobby for me and a way for me to get in touch with the heritage of my Chinese ancestors.

I don't get paid for using Chinese or anything so it's not a necessity but I enjoy it.

Mostly I will post on tips that I've accumulated from my decades learning Chinese.

Sometimes my posts will be anecdotal drawn from personal experience but they will also be made generic so as not to be too personal.

I prefer to keep my personal life personal.

My Internet life is for public consumption but I prefer to be anonymous more or less.

That's why the pseudonym.

Kobo-Daishi is more of an artificial construct for me to surf anonymously on the internet.

Hope that you will enjoy this little niche of the Internet that I've carved out.

Kobo-Daishi's Adventures In Chinese-Land. :)

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